Front window of a medical marijuana dispensary

How to Talk to your Republican Uncle About Weed

Editor’s Note: The following post was made on the r/trees subreddit (If you don’t know what reddit is try this). We are  copying the post, made by user OneYearSteakDay, in its entirety here because it’s just too good to change.

One of the biggest arguments I heard yesterday was essentially “My legislature is too conservative to ever legalize marijuana!” Well, that’s no excuse. There are a ton of conservative leaning arguments that can be made in favor of legalization. Here are just a few:

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Colorado Rings in 2014 with Retail Recreational Marijuana Sales

Welcome to Colorado signThe rest of the country is watching as Colorado becomes the first state to make marijuana available for purchase on the retail level for recreational use. Will the tax revenue be significant and helpful to the state’s economy? Will current recreational users shop around for different strains of marijuana and different varieties of marijuana-related products available in the legally sanctioned stores? These are just a few of the questions awaiting answers.

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54 Year Woman Endures 6 Hours of Cavity Searches by Border Patrol Looking for Drugs

Border Patrol K-9 searchA lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in El Paso last Wednesday against the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, El Paso County Hospital District and a host of others claims that federal agents and hospital employees at University Medical Center spent six hours probing a 54 year old New Mexico woman last December after a narcotics dog jumped on her upon her arrival at the Cordova Bridge border crossing.

The lawsuit, which contains a graphic account of a U.S. citizen repeatedly molested and sodomized by government agents in search of drugs, details the plaintiff’s ordeal:

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Thousands Protest in Israel in Favor of Marijuana Legalization

Thousands of people marched in Tel Aviv Saturday night in support of epanding the Israeli medical marijuana program.

Protesters were marching in support of a bill proposed by federal legislators that would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use.

The protest has two goals, to change the public conception of cannabis and to support the bill proposed by MK Moshe Feiglin  and MK Tamar Zandberg. We demand reasonalization (not legalization per se), because the current situation is devoid of any reason if a law abiding citizen who causes no harm to anyone will constantly live in fear and persecution because he smokes a joint after a long day at the office. – Shahaf Brendker, protest organizer

Saturday’s march was a joint protest between those who support the proposed bill and others who want full legalization.

British Marijuana Grower to Raise Money for Cannabis-Based Drug on Wall Street

GW Pharmaceuticals, a UK cannabis grower and producer of the drug Sativex, announced plans to raise money for a new drug on Wall Street. Having been granted a NASDAQ listing in May GWP’s stock on the UK exchange has doubled in value.

GWP plans to use the new cash infusion to revive research on the cannabis-based drug Epidiolex as well as to conduct advanced epilepsy research. They are also currently conducting trials on a cannabis-based drug that could certain cure brain tumors.

Hydroponics Company Wants to Become Cannabusiness Financier

Greenhouse Marijuana GrowPeople will soon be able to purchase marijuana legally in Colorado and Washington State. Who will get high, financially speaking, from this emerging market? One aspiring company is GrowLife (PHOT), a publicly traded business in Woodland Hills, Calif., with cheeky ticker symbol PHOT. It doesn’t actually sell pot; it caters to marijuana growers, dealing them hydroponic gardening equipment. More intriguingly, GrowLife wants to be their lender.

GrowLife has seven retail stores across the country and plans to use a $40 million capital infusion they have just received to help growers expand their business.

As startup costs for entering the cannabis industry balloon a dedicated finance company may be just what the legal marijuana industry needs to move closer to the mainstream.

Federal Government May Relax Regulations on Banks to Allow them to Work with Cannabusiness


The federal government may issue guidance giving banks a “yellow light” to work with marijuana businesses, possibly in the first quarter of 2014, a high-ranking state official said Thursday. The development was welcomed by marijuana industry officials who have long pushed for a banking fix, but banking industry leaders were skeptical that mere limited guidance will change much.

Jack Finlaw, chief legal counsel to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, said the new regulations “will give maybe not a green light but a yellow light” for banks to begin allowing cannabusiness owners to start banking legitimately. Until now many banks have operated with a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy when it comes to doing business with the cannabis industry. The proposed regulations would remove the requirement that banks report customers who are engaged in illegal activity to the federal government, and since cannabis is illegal under federal law most banks have been reluctant to openly do business with the cannabis industry. Removing this requirement will move the emerging legal cannabis industry in the U.S. one step closer to the mainstream.