Sure CBD can’t get you high? Don’t tell this guy.

high levels of CBD

As states continue to legalize medical marijuana in one form or another at breakneck speed across the country, many legislators are crafting oddly-similar laws that are meant to allow certain restricted classes of patients to gain at least some benefit from the plant in the form of extracts and oils, while ostensibly avoiding the stigma of being labeled as a “state full of stoners”.

Known as “CBD only” or “Low THC” laws, many politicians seem to be more willing to allow medical marijuana as long as no one is able to smoke it or get high, and they have been promised that there is no risk of anyone having any fun getting high with CBD. And typically that’s true. Until, apparently, you take a whole lot of CBD and add just a little bit of THC, and end up with an entourage effect that might just warp your mind for a little while.

According to a recent reddit post someone did just that, and had unexpected results from his experimental edible. In the post titled CBD trip report, reddit user eternitywakes had this to say about his CBD-induced trip:

Yes, I said trip.

Yesterday I took an edible CBD dose of 100mg. It also contained 5mg of THC. This is from plants that I grow (medical patient in OR) and extract. The extraction was lab tested on HPLC by OG Analytical.
It was a revelation. Full embodyment. Rich self exploration. Strong body feeling. It felt as though my consciousness was being stretched into my physical manifestation. Into the tight places. Into the places I hold fear. And bringing bright, strong light into the dark corners.

No anxiety. No internal tremor (common for me for this feeling to be amplified with THC). Easy to language.
It felt like an empathogen. Like the heart opening quality of MDMA without the stimulation.

Definitely psychoactive.

Conventional wisdom has been that CBD works to block the psychoactive effects of THC, however this patient’s experience of hallucinogenic effects while consuming high levels of CBD with very little THC seems to indicate that a different type of “high” might be achieved by patients in states that allow them to consume unlimited CBD with small amounts of THC (Georgia sets the THC limit very high, at 5%, for example). This is just further proof that legislators have no business meddling in the affairs of patients, and it is past time for them to stop being afraid of people getting high.

For the curious, here is what eternitywakes had to say about the medicine he is producing when I asked him:

“It’s a fully decarboxylated oil extraction (coconut oil and almond oil blend as carrier) of ACDC. Lab results showed 23:1 CBD:THC. We grow the ACDC and pull early to maximize the ratio. We run the whole plant into our oil. All flower and leaf. Lab tests show less than quantifiable amounts of CBDA, THCA, CBN, and CBG.”


Stephen Bradley is the editor of Cannablog, a website focused on providing access to news and information about medical and recreational cannabis. Stephen is also a former police supervisor-turned marijuana activist, owner of the Weedbiz™ Network and a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).