These 7 Children Have Died Waiting for Medical Marijuana

Losing a child is the worst nightmare any parent could imagine, a nightmare that is much harder to bear when you know that there may have been something you could have done to prevent such an awful tragedy. As unimaginable as this scenario is for most parents, preventable deaths are happening at an alarming rate as politicians argue about whether or not marijuana is medicine (we did some checking, it is). At this crucial time in history, a moment when the science on medical marijuana has become crystal clear, our government leaders can no longer afford to move slowly on reform measures. The lives of our children depend on this.

In the past two years at least seven children in the United States have died from a variety of illnesses that might have been treated with some form of medical marijuana. But they did not get a chance to try the treatment that might have prolonged their lives. Each of these children were waiting for access to medical marijuana oil before their deaths. However, a lethal mixture of stigma, ignorance and traditional politics on the part of lawmakers cost these children their lives, and now their families must live the ultimate nightmare for the rest of their lives.

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